Summer time - time for refreshments

What would be a cool beer without the refreshing carbonic acid which makes it so amazingly sparkling? For that the thirsty can totally enjoy their cool beer , valves in the dispensing systems provide the beer only shortly before serving with carbonic acid at the proper pressure. Certainly, RSG has the right solution for this application too.

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RSG successfully completed ISO certification

The RSG Team is extremely pleased with their very good result of the re-certification in accordance with the stipulations of the quality and environmental management system DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ISO 14001:2004. Development, production, assembly and sales of magnetic valves as well as the components for plant engineering on both operating sites, Ingelfingen and Criesbach, had been reviewed.

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New product catalog

Punctually to the fair DIAM our new RSG product catalog was complete. Therein we present to you our new products as well as our standard delivery program. One of our novelty in the above mentioned catalog is the equipment to our coaxial valves. If we attract your interest, please contact us or simply use our online service (Contact --> Catalogue order form). During your visit on our homepage enjoy your time.

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30 years of an ideal cast 

RSG celebrates its 30th company anniversary. For this special occasion, we are proud to present a fantastic story of success. The story is about continuity, down-to-earthiness, fair cooperation, social competency and the drive for continuous improvement.  

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Not satisfied with the performance of your valves? We fix it.

Our ‘Ventilutions’ concept stands for efficient and innovative custom valve solutions from RSG. We design and realise these solutions according to your specifications or to meet your precise needs. Are your valves too costly, too complex or don’t provide a good enough seal

We can show you the better way to do things!

Our products are employed with outstanding success in a wide range of industry segments.

For instance, in plant engineering, the chemicals industry, medical technology, water treatment and the automotive industry.

Find the applications you need!

As an RSG customer, you enjoy the significant benefits of optimally manufactured valve products.

But that’s not all! You also have the advantages of our consulting services, our enormous expertise in valve technologies, our returns service and a logistics concept especially designed to meet your needs.

Whatever you need, just ask!